Welcome to Trio Trendy Threads

Around here we believe in being kind to all of the animals, and the Earth, and the people. Our shirts are handcrafted in ethical factories and then sent to us where we screen print each shirt by hand, just for you. You can wear our brand knowing you are not only supporting small business but you are also supporting the animals, the planet, and ethical work practices for people like they deserve. Shop. Wear. Inspire. Together we can be the change.

  • Who We Are

    Hello! I’m Marianne I run Trio Trendy Threads along side my super supportive husband Ryan who goes along with all my crazy ideas! We are the new owners of TTT, and are supper excited you are here!
    I decided to take on this business adventure after we made the choice I wouldn’t go back to work after having our daughter in late 2019. While I miss my clients and working in the spa, I LOVE staying home with our girl and knew this is what I was meant to do. I’ve wanted to start a little shirt shop to have a way to bring in some extra income, but I honestly had no clue where to even start. When I heard that Trio was going to be selling I just knew this was the sign I was waiting for! We absolutely love everything this company stands for, loving the earth, animals and people. But more importantly inspiring others to do the same!

    With the arrival of our second baby girl very soon, our focus is making shirts that both babes, kids, and mamas can love! While I am a girl mom through and through, we have a little something for everyone! When you support Trio Trendy Threads you are not only supporting a small business, you’re helping our growing family , and helping the animals! (We donate 5% of profits to animal sanctuaries)
    We are so incredibly happy to take on this new journey, but more importantly, THANK YOU for being apart of it with us by being a small part of the change this world so desperately needs!

    Shop. Wear. Inspire. Together we can be the change.
    Peace & Love,
    Marianne & Ryan


    By supporting ethical, vegan, Eco-conscious brands you can help reduce unnecessary animal suffering and harm to our planet. We donate 5% of our profits to animal sanctuaries and shelters so you can wear our brand proudly knowing you have helped an animal out there in need!